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I've been shooting since I was a kid when I was given my first 110 instamatic, but got serious when I shot for the photography service of Virginia Tech while I went to college there. I kept at it over the years, shooting when I was on vacation, or if I happened to be around an air-show, fireworks display, or out and about the Washington, DC area where I grew up. I finally decided to make a business out of it.

Since I took the plunge outside of my "usual" contract and documentary work, I've had a number of great opportunities: I shot the San Francisco Grand Prix in 2002 for Lance Armstrong's website. In 2004 I got tapped to be the mission photographer as a restored 1965 Vietnam Veteran Huey helicopter was flown around the country before it was donated to the Smithsonian (America's Huey); and some freelance work in NYC for a helicopter tour company. Travel has also given me numerous opportunities to shoot amazing scenery: Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Bermuda, Mexico, and so on.

My work has been published numerous publications including VeloNews, Pro Cycling; and on numerous websites, including LanceArmstrong.com, ThePaceline.com, VeloNews.com, CyclingNews.com, and ProCyling.com. It has also been used in product development, catalogs, brochures, and advertisement.

So - no matter what you need photographed - a sporting event, a corporate event, aerial, architecture, product, home interiors, or travel photography - contact us to see how we can make you look great!

all photos are Copyright © Will Shoot Photography unless otherwise noted - all rights reserved.